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Dance in the Vampire Bund DVD/Blu-ray Complete Series (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

B W. BODDY - Jun 8 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Great fun To watch..
Pretty cool, I sure hope this isn't it. There has to be more seasons? I hope!!

Mike Fisher - Jun 27 2011
Rating: This sucked!
Totally terrible
This junk doesn't in any way match the quality of the graphic novels.

The first terrible five minutes of this insipid DVD made me want to throw it away; I actually managed to watch it instead, and it still was terrible.

The voice actors are horrible; it sounds more like a grade school stage play than an actual for-sale DVD product. These can't possibly be real actors doing the voices.

The first five minutes of wasted junk deservedly were not in the graphic novels, and I am now actually trying to watch the rest of it while restraining the urge to find the voice actors and manually strangle the lot of them.

Watched more of it and it only gets worse!

The so-called animation is jerky (Poor frame rates) and obviously done as cheaply as possible. Saturday morning animation at its worst doesn't get this bad.

Don't waste your money buy the graphic novels instead.

Brandon R. Barker - Sep 25 2012
Rating: Not all that good.
Very disappointing
I have to say, I expected much more from studio SHAFT. The animation was decent, but the story was severely lacking. As far as voice acting goes, the japanese voice acting was fairly standard, not great but not too bad, but the english voice acting could have used improvement. Characters were fairly weak, the romance between the two leads was decently executed but really nothing more than average, but above all else the story was just very disconnected and didn't seem to go much anywhere (or be interesting). It isn't the worst series I have ever seen, but I can't recommend it to anybody.

Kory E. Davis - Dec 19 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
This is a great series
Alright, I had to submit my own review after seeing all of these other terrible reviews that make absolutely no sense. Shaft always does a terrific job on artwork and Dance in the Vampire Bund is no exception. If you didn't like the art in EF, Bakemonogatari, or Puella Magi, then this probably isn't for you.

Addressing the complaint about the plot: I have read 10 volumes of the manga and this adaptation covers to about volume 5. Although, in the anime there is some alterations to the plot, but I was ok with this and welcomed the originality. If this could be a problem for you then I would recommend watching the episodes online before buying just in case.

The voice actors bad? Ok what I really didn't get is people complaining about the VA's. I can understand if you didn't like the VA's for the judges on the show in the first episode, but otherwise the VA's were perfect for the characters. Monica Rial does a perfect Mina Tepes, and Yuki's voice fit her character perfectly.

To sum this up, If you wanted a 100% true to the manga story then you might not like this, but If you don't care either way then I really recommend buying this because this is a terrific anime that will leave you wanting more.