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Bleach Movie 1 DVD (Hyb): Memories of Nobody

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Reviews of this title:

Adam Odham - Oct 21 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
Totally kick A$$, If you like Bleach you'll LOVE this.
Finally the most totally awesome action-packed block of Bleach to hit the American DVD players thus far, surpasses all and any expectations prior to viewing. The most collective action from the 13 Court Squads seen in a 90 minutes time frame since it's debut first episode in America. If i had a third thumb i would give Thee thumbs way up. Hope many other Bleach fans agree that this was totally worth every penny to pre-order.

Tiarra S. Lowery - Nov 30 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
Loved It!!!!
This was really gud and it had me watching it ovr and ovr again Senna is awesome!!