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Spent DVD (D) LiveAction

Set among the bright lights and big city bustle of Los Angeles, we find Max (Jason London), a wannabe actor, living for an endless series of tomorrows, caught up in the fast-paced world of high-stakes sports gambling. His girlfriend, Brigette (Charlie Spradling), challenges him to quit betting for a month, which he agrees to do, if she'll stop drinking. But it's a deal neither can keep.

The thrill of the next bet, the release of the next drink are simply too tempting. As Max descends deeper and deeper into the hole with his bookie, Jay (Richmond Arquette), Brigette sinks into the depths of alcoholism, and his tortured roommate Grant (James Parks) struggles to come out of the closet.

Meanwhile, the big score with a script they're trying to get to Jack Nicholson dangles in front of them, an illusionary life raft in a raging sea of uncontrollable desires and needs.

Spoken Languages: English.


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