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Legend of the Doll DVD (S) LiveAction Adult

Model-maker and action figure collector Ryouta achieves his lifelong dream when he finally completes his collection with a rare action figure model at a shop in Akihabara. Tragically, the doll is stolen by a group of deliquents before Ryouta can even get it home. Disappointed to his very core, Ryouta wanders the streets until he finds a bizarre, back-alley shop.

Venturing inside, he purchases an ultra-rare figure named "Airu." Ryouta rushes the figure home and quickly assembles it... and to his surprise and delight the figure comes to life. Airu is a real, living girl - and she only has eyes for Ryouta!

DVD Features: Japanese Trailers, Sneak Peeks.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

Anime Today
*Episode #43 - Interview with John O'Donnell, the co-founder and managing director of Central Park Media (CPM)

  • Format - English Subtitles

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