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Seven Grand Masters/New Big Boss/Red Wolf Bundle DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

This triple-pack contains the following movies:

7 Grand Masters
A seasoned Kung Fu master embarks on a journey to test his incredible fighting skills against other masters before retiring from the fight forever. Along the way, a young rascal persuades the old master to train him as his final student. The boy quickly becomes proficient in the art and delivers a shocking challenge that reveals a dark, deadly secret. This final showdown between masters threatens to shake the very pillars of heaven!

The New Big Boss
In the Jungles of China, an Unknown Soldier fights for his past and the life of the woman he loves. Years later, the Unknown Soldier becomes an underworld assassin known as the Wolf. Hearing his story of honor and death, the young Ben Chan prepares to execute his own desperate bid for immortality.

Red Wolf
A top cop (Kenny Ho) takes a position as chief security officer on a luxury cruise liner. When the ship falls victim to a sophisticated terrorist sting operation, Alan (Kenny Ho) teams up with sexy pick pocketing waitress (Christy Chung) as they play a game of cat and mouse with the ruthless terrorist leaders played by Ngai Sing and Elaine Lui. Alan uses his formidable martial arts skills to beat the odds and keep himself and the other passengers alive.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

  • Format - Hybrid

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