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Mijeong Graphic Novel

In the cold city, young people's lives cross and spark for brief moments. From the girl who deals sensitively with an older man obsessed by youth to the group of friends who find their friend has committed suicide but fear they might be implicated, these are wounded characters, squashed by the daily hard realities of urban living but whose destinies take sudden unannounced turns and their inner flames shine bright and wild, even if only for a brief time.

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Rohan at the Louvre Graphic Novel (Hardcover) (Color)

Rohan, a young manga-ka, meets a beautiful, mysterious young woman with a dramatic story. She tells him of a cursed 200-year-old painting, created using the blackest ink ever known from a tree the painter had brought down without approval from the Emperor. The painting had been saved from destruction by a curator of the Louvre. Years later he asks the museum about it, but little does he know how violently powerful the curse of it is until he has the museum unearth it from deep within its archival bowels.

Retail Price: $19.99
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Stargazing Dog Graphic Novel

Oto-san is down and out. Life has conspired against him, nothing coming together the way he wished, so he sets out with his car to just get away from it all. All people around him have abandoned him in indifference, but as we discover along with him, the one he can count on utterly and completely is a dog he just adopted who follows him blindly, faithfully and completely to the end, lightening up his new adventure into the unknown.

Retail Price: $11.99
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