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Wanted Graphic Novel

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Reviews of this title:

Kim Momot - Jul 17 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
10 out of 10!!!!
LOVED IT!!!!!! Hope their is more Wanted to come!!

Jenell L. M - Sep 13 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
Pirates what's not to love?
I loved loved this one Matsuri Hino makes some of the best stories, I also own Vampire Knight and Captive Hearts which are also very good. I hope there is more WANTED to come!

Victoria DeLaney - Oct 1 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
Pretty fantastical
This was one of my favorite books to read, Matsuri Hino is a very creative mangaka. If you have read anything by Matsuri (Vampire Knights, Merupuri etc) then you will definately like this book. The story of a girl sumuggling herself onto a pirate ship in search of her missing first love and meeting/making friends with very interesting co-stars. 1_~