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Blue Sonnet 1 (S)

The ultimate weapon is a teenage girl - but this is no ordinary girl! Code named 'Blue Sonnet,' she was rescued from the slums of the inner city and surgically rebuilt as a combat cyborg. She is totally loyal to her creator, the grotesque Dr. Merikus.

Sonnet's powers can defeat armies and topple nations. But Dr. Merikus won't be satisfied until he's eliminated every threat. He fears the mysterious potentials of the human mind - esper abilities and psychic powers. A few espers, like Sonnet herself, have total control over their power. But most espers have wild, uncontrollable abilites.

Now Sonnet has been dispatched to Japan to investigate a powerful esper known only as the 'Red Fang.' New dangers and clues are exposed: The Red Fang, System RX 606, a forgotten past, a mysterious stranger...Will Sonnet and Lan solve the mystery, or is Dr. Merikus leading them toward a sinister rendezvous?

Contains parts 1-3.

  • Format - English Subtitles

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