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Earthian: Angelic Collection DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Susan Rivera - Nov 16 2005
Rating: This sucked!
The Story Work Wasn't The Same Nor Close Of The Original Earthian Manga =^.^=
When I Finished Seeing The Movie, I Told Myself "You Have To Be Kidding Me?"

There Was No Plot, No Story Line, No Ending, It Just Left Me With So Much Unanswered Questions. Not Mentioning This Character Chihaya (Was Always Getting Into Trouble) & Kagetsuya (Always Saving Him!)

Personally I Just Wanted To Slap Chihaya Around & Wake Him Up! (He Was So Annoying & A Big Spoiled Brat!)

This Movie Is Not The Same Story Line Of The Original Manga "Earthian".

If You Want The Original Story Line Of The Original Earthian Get The Original Manga Itself. You Will See The Big Difference. =^.^=

Tiarra S. Lowery - Feb 20 2009
Rating: "Okay."
It was ok
I liked this anime it was not as good as some that i have seen but i don't think that it was that bad, it was decent

Kendra M. Lawrence - Apr 11 2012
Rating: Pretty good!
manga s. anime
I almost always prefer the manga to the anime, and most of the time I don't even see the anime, I just read the manga. But, in this case, I saw Earthian first, and, wanting to know more, I bought the manga. The manga, though only being four volumes itself, is so much more in-depth (and they're thick volumes), and there are so many more stories. Also, there is more of an ending, which in the anime there wasn't. And--spoiler!--in the manga Kagetsuya and Chihaya indeed become lovers. There isn't just some random sex scene thrown in. And the ending between them in happy, too, for once they are together, they stayed together. I mean, they were still together at the end of the anime too, but it was more rewarding in the manga because they'd been through so much more.

That being said, I labelled the anime as "pretty good" because there were elements that I liked, and, upon watching it, I wanted to read the manga so badly! And I don't understand how anyone could dislike Chihaya. I mean, yeah he's always getting in trouble but isn't very smart, but that's what makes him cute! One of the things I wished that had been in the manga that was in the anime was Messiah, but alas, he wasn't. Taki was though, and he didn't die! But...he is in a coma. Still, if anyone hasn't read the manga, do it!