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Evangelion, Neon Genesis DVD Platinum Complete Collection (Hyb) Holiday Edition

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Reviews of this title:

Christopher T. Daniel - Mar 27 2010
Rating: Pretty good!
Great characters, music , and Story-line!
Really great graphics, music was good, and the story-line set me back when I watched it. For those of you who like Mecha and also, like good CPG's. This is the one to get!

Ley Gallant - May 19 2012
Rating: This sucked!
The only anime collection that was so bad I actually threw it in the trash.
It starts out to be not to bad. Gets a little better, but not much, part way in. But near the end it gets so preachy and pathetic, that you sit there and wonder why you bought this in the first place. All in all, just buy something else, or save your money.

J Green - May 12 2013
Rating: "Okay."
It's Good-But Not Great
This series-while not as bad as the other chap seemed to think it was isn't great, either. It reminds me of an old science fiction novel written in the mid 1950's titled "Childhood's End" by the late great Authur C. Clarke-it's basically the same theme minus the giant mechas, and done in a much more interesting manner.

Hank Beck - May 25 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
A unique and intense experience
Neon Genesis is one of the most polarizing and enduring shows in the anime community. You either love it and herald it as one of your favorite shows or despise it as preachy. Personally I loved this show, it had a dark tone and was a great ride. I originally borrowed this from a friend and liked it so much I decided to buy it again. The series is not for everyone but is a landmark series in anime and a favorite of many.