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Kodocha (Kodomo No Omocha) DVD 1 (Hyb): School Girl Super Star

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Reviews of this title:

James A. Meade - Mar 6 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
A Fantastic Series
I have actually seen this prior to Funimation picking it up.

The series pits class bully Akito Hayama against the hyper-active tv star, Sana Kurata. After duking it out a few times, the two develop an unlikely bond with one another and eventually come to depend on each other over time. Before long, you are presented with a diverse cast of characters, each with their own little quirks that only adds to the enjoyment.

The title of the series, which translates to "Child's Toy", has a double meaning. First, it's the title of the TV show Sana stars in. But, it also represents the idea that children are often as smart, or smarter, than the adults who constantly try to control them. It is that very ideal that has made the series so successful in Japan.

To get a full understanding of the series, I also recommend picking up the 10 volume "Kodocha" graphic novel set, released by TokyoPop. It contains all sorts of info that was not present in the TV series.

Overall, there is no other series out there that even comes close to what "Kodocha" offers. Whether you are looking for a good laugh, or emotion filled drama, you won't be disappointed by this series!

Felicia Girdner - Jan 5 2006
Rating: Wonderful!
Fantastic show!
I first saw Kodacha on fansub, and fell in love with it right away. The first reason I love this show is that I really love Sana. She's VERY enthusiastic and I find her to be a very engaging character. Also, Kodach is a very good coming of age story, and I love coming of age stories. The show moves very fast, with Sana going at a hundred miles and hour sometimes and switches very quickly from slapstick to very serious in some scenes. Some people may find Sana's energy to much to take, but if you stick around you'll find that Kodacha is an extremely enjoyable show.

Sage Uebinger - Aug 3 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
A Fun Show, that will keep you wanting more!
Kodocha is an amazingly funny show, with an equally funny main character named Sana! Sana's your average 11-year-old girl... Who just happens to be; a famous TV show actor, have an awesome boyfriend/agent, sings a LOT, and have an arch enemy named Akito! *o_0* Akito's not only her arch enemy, but her classmate too! He's the school bully who all the kids listen too! He black mails the teachers to get his way, that is UNTILL Sana takes a picture of Akito with his pants pulled down... Now look who's getting there way! So Akito threat is gone, but what is Sana and Akito to each other?

This show is amazing! With funny songs in every episode! -Oh, Sana sweet mode, goes up and down!-

Watch this if your a real anime freak!