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Robotech Macross Saga DVD 1 (D): First Contact

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Reviews of this title:

Charles Kusiak - Mar 2 2001
Rating: "Okay."
Now howsabout a Macross Perfect Ed. on DVD?
Up side: Somebody is FINALLY releasing the Robotech series on DVD. Down side: Apparently, the original Japanese Macross TV series isn't part of the package deal. After listening for hours on end to all the imported Macross soundtrack CDs in my collection, it leaves me to think about how much the lyrics of Lynn Minmay's songs in the American version suck, and that the series is missing the immortal "DaDaDaDan Da Da DaDaDa Dan" fanfare that plays whenever the Valkyrie squadrons are scrambled for battle. I'm more a fan of the original Japanese series, admittedly, otherwise I'd give higher praise for the DVD release.

armando calvillo - Apr 7 2001
Rating: Wonderful!
i hope you guys release all the episodes of robotech, it is my all time favorite .