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Inu Yasha

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Inu Yasha Graphic Novel 11 - 2nd Ed (Small Format)

Miroku has carried a curse since birth, passed down from his father - a hellhole in his hand, cut by a demon. That curse is now threatening to kill him, and he's forced to seek help from his mentor, a wise old priest with a rare knowledge of healing...but that priest may not be what he seems. Finally, Sango faces her greatest test - her resurrected younger brother, who has been brought back to life by her greatest enemy!

Inu Yasha Graphic Novel 12 - 2nd Ed (Small Format)

The gang encounters a half-demon living peacefully with his mother, and must fight to defend the poor creature from accusations of murder for a number of mysterious deaths in a nearby village. Then, the demon Naraku's web of deceit tightens... first around Sango, forced to choose between her loyalty to her friends and her love for her brother...

Inu Yasha Graphic Novel 13

Inu-Yasha fights to protect Kikyo and Kagome from the demon pit, whose denizens have produced powerful monsters. Just as victory is near, Kikyo allows one demon to escape and inhabit Naraku. Then Totosai comes to Inu-Yasha seeking protection from Seshomaru, who has stolen one of the swordmaster's blades - a sword that gives life instead of taking it.

Inu Yasha Graphic Novel 14

After the battle with his half-brother Inu-Yasha, Seshomaru lies wounded and receives aid from a girl. But tragedy strikes when wolf-warrior Kouga attacks the girl's village, killing her and everyone else. Will Seshomaru, with his life-giving sword, take pity on the girl who nursed him back to health? It all comes down to a brutal showdown between Kouga and Inu-Yasha. The setting: the cliffs of a mountain infested with demons!

Inu Yasha Graphic Novel 28

Trapped inside the holy shield of Mount Hakurei, Inuyasha's demonic power has been stripped away, leaving him vulnerable. Will Miroku's wind tunnel prove strong enough to break the barrier and free Inuyasha? And will Inuyasha's strength be enough to defeat the leader of the Band of Seven, who has absorbed the Shikon shards from his fallen comrades and become an even more formidable foe?

Inu Yasha Graphic Novel 29

Inuyasha and the others are trapped inside Mount Hakurei with yet another newly reassembled Naraku. Meanwhile, Naraku reveals to Kikyo that his true purpose in hiding inside Mount Hakurei is to perfect an emotionless new form that could attack and even kill Kikyo without hesitation.

Inu Yasha Graphic Novel 35

A new crop of demons is plaguing the land. The more demons are killed, the more humanlike they become. This progression culminates in a battle between the gang and Moryomaru, Hakudoshi's new and fearsome creation. Can Koga and Inuyasha stop their in-fighting long enough to battle a common enemy?

Inu Yasha Graphic Novel 38

Inuyasha and the crew are locked deep in combat with the scheming Hakudoshi. The plot thickens as both Kagura's and Hakudoshi's plans come to light. In a rare moment, Inuyasha fights on the same side as Kagura. It seems that Hakudoshi will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, but will he succeed?!

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