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K-ON! DVD Complete Collection (Hyb) - Anime Legends

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Kenneth Connor - Apr 29 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Keion Daisuki!
As a guy who was in a high school rock band some 45 years ago, I can identify with the goofiness of K-ON! At this price, the series is a bargain. Video quality is wonderful, as is the Japanese seiyu work. Sadly, the subtitles are pretty bad...and definitely "sanitized." I mean, hey...Ritsu does use some salty language. LOL Once again...the EngDub is just bad beyond words...simply terrible. 4KIDS terrible. The US voice actors just are NOT into this...they literally suck the life and the humor out of this series. If you listen in Japanese, with will love this scores a 10 on the Kawaii-o-meter. If you watch in English, you will seriously question why you bought it...and why so many people like the series. Please...go to Japanese sound with Eng Subs. Now, if only we could get BANDAI/PONY CANYON to release the two live concerts on DVD in the US...all would be well with the world.