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Megaman Gigamix Graphic Novel 2

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Reviews of this title:

Angela R. McGeary - Nov 26 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
What all Megaman fans have been waiting for.
Even though Capcom has been grating on Megaman fans' nerves over the past year (with cancellations, cold shoulder treatments and an over-all negative attitude towards perhaps its most recognized mascot)they granted Ariga the ability to continue his manga of the classic series. Gigamix picks up where the Megamix series left off a decade ago, and the second installment pleases one just as Gigamix 1.

Filled with action, suspense and HEART- Ariga captures the essence of what I see in Megaman. He delves into the complicated relationship between Dr. Light and Dr. Wily and the use of robots with souls. Gigamix 2 is just a prequel to his conclusion of Gigamix 3 as it leaves the reader hanging and begging for more. As I write this the third installment has just been made available after months of setbacks.