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Twelve Kingdoms Novel 2 (Hardcover): Sea of Wind

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Reviews of this title:

Fernanda Ayumi - Jan 12 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
The young Black Kirin
Probably one who's going to buy this title had already seen the anime series, so it's near the story presented, but in a much more complete and deep perspective from Taiki first person's point of view. His feelings and thoughts are minuciously described like we can't guess from the anime short adaptation. Taiki suffers his own deep lack of self-confidence and has to beat his fears and deal with the responsibilities of a kirin even if he lacks his kirin powers, and that's a dilenma that puts the young child into a silent, veiled distress among all happiness he's put into when he gets back to the Twelve Kingdoms. That's a wonderful story about this complex world viewed from the eyes of a young, innocent child eyes, with his fears and expectations aborded deeply by Fuyumi Ono. After finnishing the book, that's to be said it's impossible not to love Taiki and his pure, yet always-concerned, young kirin's heart. The story as a whole shows great importance for the describing of thoughts and emotions, in a situation where Taiki, yet knowing barely nothing about this world, is the only one with the responsibility of an entire kingdom's future to choose the king. Great time reading it. :3