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KO Beast DVD Bargain Bundle (DVD 1-3) (Hyb)

Get the entire US OVA release of KO Beast at a great price!

Created and Produced by Satoru Akahori (MAZE TV / MASTER OF MOSQUITON / SABER MARIONETTE J / SORCERER HUNTERS TV) with Director Hiroshi Negi (BURN UP W / TENCHI MUYO MOVIE 1: TENCHI IN LOVE / TENCHI MUYO UNIVERSE TV), and Original Character Designs by Takehiko Ito (OUTLAW STAR)!

T-t-t-treasure?? Who cares about saving the world when there’s treasure to be found! When Wan and his voracious appetite hook up with bossy little Mei-Mer and playboy Bud Mint, they won’t let anything stand in their way (including each other) to find all that glitters!

Kidnapped by their mortal enemies, the Humans, our compatriots just happen to stumble upon the Humans' secret password - Dr. Password that is. In exchange for freeing his granddaughter Yuni, Password hands the greedy little gang the key to the greatest treasure the world has ever known! Of course they have no idea what it is or where it is, but they’re not about to let the Humans get their grubby hands on it first! Now if they can only manage not to kill each other before they can find it...

Contains DVDs 1-3.

DVD Features: Outtakes, Character Bios, Translator Notes, Animated Art Gallery, Original Openings, "Soft" Subtitles for On-screen Text, Right Stuf Trailers, and Scene Access

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

  • Format - Hybrid

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