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Princess Nine

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Princess Nine DVD 3 (Hyb): Triple Play

The all-girls baseball team - the Princesses - launch themselves into a grueling training schedule. But even with the strength of Ryo's pitching and Koharu's batting, the team's inexperience proves to be their Achilles Heel. As the critical first game arrives, their only hope may lie in Coach Kido's bag of tricks.

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Princess Nine DVD Complete Series (Hyb)

In the male-dominated sport of baseball, one group of high school girls is about to turn the world upside down! Ryo Hayakawa, daughter of a legendary pitcher, has been chosen to lead the "Princesses," Japan's first-ever girl's baseball team. They don't want to play in a separate league - they're taking on the boys at their own game. And their goal? None other than Koshien, the national high school baseball championship!

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Princess Nine Original Soundtrack 2 CD

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