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.Hack//Ai Buster Novel 1

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Abraham Chinchilla - Oct 23 2005
Rating: Pretty good!
Don't Let The Inconsistencies Confuse You!
This is a great novel that takes place before .hack//SIGN. It features a lot of extra information for fans of the video games. You'll get to read of Balmung and Orca's battle with "The One Sin." The main story however is about a Long Arm player (inconsistency - Pole Arm = Long Arm) named Alberio. Alberio has found what appears to be a wandering A.I. named Lycoris who keeps following him around. Unlike an A.I., or NPC (Non-Player Character), Lycoris is able to speak rather well and act accordingly. Letting himself believe this is part of some strange quest, Alberio goes along and helps Lycoris find what she is looking for. There are some more clues within this book which will help you figure out the mysterious of the .hack universe. Very recommended.

However, TOKYOPOP translators and adaptors have not been doing their homework. The downside to this release is the many inconsistencies found within. It may not bother new audiences, however, they will be confused, if they go on to .hack//SIGN or the video games. Veterians may be confused into rethinking what they already know. You may want to Google search later on to find out what these inconsistencies are so you can correct them on your own, in your thoughts.

Let's hope TOKYOPOP doesn't let this slide for A.I. Buster II!

For the record, here's the chronological order for all things .hack (currently released)... .hack//A.I. Buster (First novel is out, second on the way) .hack//SIGN (Anime) .hack (Video Games) .hack//Liminality (Simutainous with the Video Games) .hack//Legend of the Twilight (Manga)