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ef ~ A Tale of Memories Blu-ray Complete Collection (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Kory E. Davis - Jan 7 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
My favorite romance anime
This is one of the most touching romance animes that I have ever seen. The story diverges between two boys, Hiro and Renji, who are both going through tough times. Hiro is a struggling manga writer and Renji has no idea what to do with his life. The artwork is done by Shaft and they did a terrific job as always. I have seen lots of romance animes beforehand and this by far is my favorite. And yes, Clannad is one of them. Ef will get your wrapped up in a romantic tale about how these two boys both find their ideal girl.

Sean Walker - Feb 3 2014
Rating: Not all that good.
ef, A Tale of Seizures
A tale of seizures. I have watched dozens and dozens of animes of all different genres. This is one of the very few I was unable to finish. I hate to write a review for an entire series after only watching a few episodes but I could not finish it. The problem was, as with many other series that try to be deep and moving, it tried too hard. The main problem was the camera. Almost every five seconds the camera changed. I believe the series was trying to make the scenes more dramatic, but it only made me feel more disconnected. I could not follow the conversation or get into the dialogue because the camera kept changing.

Let me try to explain what I mean by the camera kept changing. The camera would start at a normal distance from the characters to where you could see them conversing and see their expressions. Five seconds later it would be 500 meters back looking through some trees at the same conversation. Five seconds later it would be up in the sky in an aerial view. Five seconds later it would be zoomed in on their faces. The series also changed the way things looked like color and distortions. The scene would start off looking completely normal, two people having a conversation. Five seconds later the scene would be distorted as if you were looking through a fish bowl lens. Five seconds later it would change to black and white. Five seconds later everything has a blue hue, then a green hue, etc. Five seconds later the characters are silhouetted over an abstract background. It just kept going. Every time you thought it might stop, it changed.

It's okay to change the camera and the way the scene looks for emphasis or effect. But the amount that it changed in Ef was completely overbearing.

Next problem is the storyline. We're all familiar with branching and parallel story lines. However the way Ef told them was just jumbled together. I was left again feeling disconnected from the characters as every ten minutes it would switch from one story to another or show something in this scene which has no connection to the previous scene. I'm sure it would have made more sense later on, but the series left me so disconnected that I have no desire to watch anymore of it.

I have forced myself to finish other animes that I have started that were less than great. But this anime I can't even do that.

The worst part is, reading the storyline and the plot, it sounds as though it could be a good story. But it is just so poorly executed that it leaves you completely disconnected.

So unfortunately I would not recommend this anime. If you want a deep and moving anime, watch Clannad.