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Gravitation DVD 1 (Hyb): Fateful First Encounter + Artbox

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Reviews of this title:

Chaos Escape - Mar 19 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Gravitation is one of the few series that might hook you this year!
Well, it seems that Gravitation is making its way to hitting the stores this summer. As a fan of the series for almost 2 years now, i'm tremendously enthusiastic about this. It made my day when i first heard it. Gravitation is those series that, when you finished watching the first episode, you'll definitely be looking forward to the next episode, and so on until you'd done with the series. And after you've finished watching the whole series, you'll eventually find yourself wanting for more, and the OVA is your only solution. Well, we're not jumping too far yet. The story of Gravitation not only depicts love, but it also depicts major determination for love and music. Shuichi, the main character, who encountered a man name Yuki one starry night, realized he's fallen in love in first sight( well, not exactly but he has the thing for him). Then he persuades the person and shows him his true talent. Throughout the story, you'll get to learn more about each individual characters of the story. I rate Gravitation a 9.7/ 10. It's an excellent series!

Ashley K - Apr 7 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
this is the best..
This is just about the best anime I have ever seen in my natural life. It's better then all the others; love hina, gundam wing, chobits, kill me kiss me, and marmalade boy. Not only is the story line magnificient, but so is the art if your one of those anime fans, like me, who doesn't like an anime if the art isn't tiptop. Yuki is a total jerk, the hottest anime guy I've ever seen. Shindo is adorable with his big purple eyes-cute, cuddly, kind of annoying at times, but nevertheless, the anime would be a lost without him. Then you have Mr. K, the america. The insane american who threats people with his gigantic guns, mind you. And of course, who can resist ryuichi? The adorable cuddle-bunny 30-year-old who has the most beautiful voice your ears could ever hear. All the other characters are also all wonderful, but those are just my favorites. Throughout the anime, yuki and shindo fall deeper and deeper in love-to the point where yuki would like to seperate from him, but the great force of gravity has bound them together-maybe for life. You'll find out!

Thomas Ellingsen - Apr 8 2004 Shindou-Kun@Mognet.Net
Rating: Wonderful!
Love at first sight
Gravitation is one of the first anime shows I ever watched. It was love at first sight. You'll love Gravitation, if not for the romance, the music. The music alone is a reason to buy it. Do not miss out on Shuichi's crazyness and the SUPURB music, BUY IT.. I know I will.

Rightstuf, thanks for doing this show! *hugs*

Doug Kendrick - Jun 10 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Absolutely Astounding!
As a brand-new fan of Anime, I count myself particularly lucky for having "Gravitation" as my first real exposure to this art form. I've read the Manga and was completely absorbed by the story and the characters. Buying the long-awaited DVD was just the next step...

Imagine my joy at coming home after work yesterday and finding my Gravitation Volume 1 DVD waiting on my doorstep. Before I went to bed, I'd watched the whole disk 3 times--twice in English and once in Japanese (and I don't even understand Japanese) and was so totally hooked it's almost scary. I instantly fell in love with the characters all over again now that they moved and had voices; I found myself in a panic that I'm going to have to wait a couple of months before the next volume comes out. I can't get enough!

The story is incredible: the irrepressible Shuichi Shindou is working toward his dream of being a rock star, but on the way he meets intense, mysterious (and way sexy) anti-hero Eiri Yuki. Gravitation is the force that pulls these opposites together and the love story that emerges is nothing short of brilliant. While there's a lot of material from the Manga that is left out of the series, the crucial elements of the story are there, shining through for us to experience. The general goofiness of Shuichi and the anime stylistic gags don't overshadow the deep, yet simple beauty of two people--in this case, two guys--falling in love and seeing where it will lead. Thanks SO MUCH to Right Stuf for bringing this to America!

While I'm not yet an expert, I know something great when I see it, and this is it. RUN out and buy this DVD for the story, the characters, the artwork and especially the music (as an aside, I can't get the title tune out of my head and am already well on my way to memorizing the Japanese lyrics--the closing end credits music too). It is beautiful, addictive, meaningful and just a lot of fun, if nothing else.

Mac Mo - Jun 25 2004
Rating: This sucked!
i am sorry to all that think this a great story i recived the first espiode in my newest Newtype Magazine. i am sorry the whole gay tone just destroyed the whole think if the guy with pink was a girl then i would have been ok but homosexually is one think if in a series should be keep in low tone. the english voice acting was horrible the sound disturd visual were far below average all the character designs were horrible.for what i saw i could tell the story was going to revole around the guy with blonde hair and some chic that didn't know he was gay.

to sum it up to all that are wanting to know if this a good buy not unless you are a fan of shojo. if your not then move on to another. i am glad i got to preview it because to me it would have been waste of money. save your money on a good quality series.

Bryttany S. - Jun 29 2004
Rating: Pretty good!
Manga: Excellent. Anime: Not so good.
I'd have to say, after reading the first 5 volumes of Gravitation, I was hooked, I knew I had to get my hand on the animation. After watching a sub of the anime's first episode, I was GREATLY dissapointed. The animation is rather lacking oposed to the beautiful artwork previously done by Maki Murakami-san. It's kinda like... watching a bad episode of DBZ... when the animation is just so horrible, compared to the previous episode when the animation was breathtaking. One thing was, Shuichi's hair, where the hell is his ponytail!? And his looking like Ryuichi was totally disregarded in the anime, he says "oh, I copied his hair style" and such, uh, no, kinda didn't in the anime there buddie. Ryuichi's hair is playful, down to his neck a bit, and freaking brown. Shuichi's hair is curled to his head, and pink. Kind of a lack of making Shuichi seem like he really tried to copy his hairstyle/look. Overall the animation was poor, really, it was super sloppy, and seemed rushed :(.

Another thing was the storyline, bah, wtf, seriously. Suguru and K are introduced early, they already have a record deal in the first episode, what is going on? Everything else is pretty much okay(just little things changed), but uh... making the anime speed up like that just makes you know that this anime is going to be short and sweet. If you read the manga, then watch the anime, you'll notice a lot of things changed, like the ones that I mentioned above. It makes the anime lack character developement overall, and makes the storyline lack a lot of content.

I really do love Gravitation, don't get me wrong, I just felt the animation could've been a lot more than it was made out to be.

Karen M - Jul 4 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Readin and lovin the manga, Lovin the music, lovin the anime
One word...Wow!!! The first time I saw Gravitation it was a fansub and i absolutely loved it from the start! Then Iheard there was a manga after I saw the series and the 2 ovas. The manga is great, its like the series but the anime of it sure left some details out but still it was wonderful since the anime was the first thing I saw.

I love the music it is has great arrangements of music. I love the instrumentals and the singing. I love it so much thatI would by the soundtracks if it were sold here in the U.S., I would get them all.

I love watching it in Japanese because the voices are so funny and so into it. The English voice acting great, they did a pretty good job but could have done much better. In the second episode the voices get better. I bet they were a little nervous at first but they are doing great so far. I'm waiting for the volume 2 to come out soon. I can't wait!!

This is highly recommended!!!The extra are cool to mess with! for all viewers who loves comedy, love and all that good stuff!

Valerie S. Cabral - Jul 6 2004
Rating: Pretty good!
Well-put-together DVD and awesome show.
Only a few things bothered me, those things being a) the early record deal/no Shuichi/Hiro in High School stuff b) some of the voices in the dub c) the fact that in the dub, the songs were subtitled in both romanized Japanese and English, but in the sub, they were only English, making it so that I couldn't sing along but for the parts I'd memorized already!!! It would have been great if I could have sang along either way!

Other than that...I liked how the menus and extras were put together, I liked the packaging...the animation was well-done, it reflected Murakami-san's balance of serious parts with pretty art and funny parts with stupid-looking characters quite well. Shuichi having pink hair never really appealed to me after I'd read the manga, but it ends up fitting in the show.

One voice that I enjoyed in the dub, most definetely, was Seguchi Tohma's- In the Japanese, his voice actor sounds like a female, and he sounds quite effeminate- that was captured well in the English dub. Thanks for the great packaging and menus and all!

And thank you for bringing such a great anime to America! Shounen-ai should get more positive attention like this.

Laruku fangirl - Jul 9 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Finally after years of waiting Gravitation has finally arrived in the states. I thought this show was wonderful and people who complain about the "gay" overtones should smack them selves...this is a boy love story and ofcourse it would have "gay" overtones.

The characters in this completely lovable and most of the time quite strange from uber hyper Shuichi to always grouchy Yuki they are truly entertaining.

The Tv sereis is hugely different than the original manga series by Murakami Maki and probably should be looked at as a completely different story. The art is very clean and fluid with pretty and cute animation as well as completely insane humour. This is definately one of the best shows of the year

Tara l. Reich - Jul 9 2004
Rating: Pretty good!
gravitation wonderful dub sucked
ok first off I LOVE Gravitation.i own alltheound stories and i don't know japanese not to mention i have cosplayed as shuichi ryuichi and have made my very own KUMAGORO. Shuichi and Ryuichi are my most favorited characters of any series I have seen, but this dub that i was looking so forward too what the worst dub I have ever seen. NOT HEARING LA LI HO in the dub almost made me cry!!! The only voice i could stand was Sakano because his english VA had some courisma. Im sorry i Have high standards but this series deserved better at least as it goes for dubs. and why does ryuichi say dadodadoda reather than nanonanoda there where just so many things that where bad with the dub. the funny part was playing the subtiles with the dub nothing matched it was like they where tlking about completely different things. ps where is a cast list to the english dub cause it isn't anywhere on the dvd that i could find sorry if i sound like im ranting but this is a wonderful series and should be looked at just what the sub version first.

Kendra Wilson - Jul 14 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Yuki may not be the nicest person, but he's one of the sexiest.
Yuki and Shuichi are so cute together. Yuki is a total jerk to Shuichi in this DVD. Some of the characters act alot like children but it puts humor into the story. I just got it and I love it. I recommend it to anyone old enough to enjoy a gay romance anime.

Sakuya Li - Aug 4 2004
Rating: Pretty good!
Subtitled... Good! Dubbed... Horrifying!
I love this anime with a passion and I can watch it over and over without getting tired of it. When I heard that it was being dubbed I was completely ecstatic about it. I wanted to pre-order it immediately even though it wasn't due to come out for another month or two.

I'd just like to say now that the dubbers of this anime did it a horrifying injustice. Like many people I know have said over and over again, it seems like the people just walked in, read some lines off of a piece of paper, then walked back out. The dubbers completely changed Eiri Yuki's voice which was played by Kazuhiko Inoue so wonderfully. I had thought they would of given his character to Jack Lingo (guy who voiced Oriya in the anime Descendants of Darkness, a very good voice actor, btw) since Oriya's voice was also played by Kazuhiko in Japanese. However, they gave it to somebody else (didn't bother to remember his name) who made Yuki sound so out of character that the anime was completely ruined for me the minute I heard him. Some of the other characters were done better, such as Bill Rogers' voice acting for Tohma Seguchi (my favorite voice acting by far for the dub).

If you're not a big enough fan to worry about people who voiced the characters then I'd highly recommend this DVD for you. However, if you've seen Gravitation before and just want to hear what they sound like in Dub then I'd advise you to reconsider because it's not worth it.

The anime itself is great, especially if you watch it the first time in subtitled. For some reason, to me, the dubbed version seemed to make the whole anime seem badly done.

The plot of the anime is extremely good and if you really want to get into it then you should also check out the manga by Maki Murakami. In my perspective the manga was much better than the anime, but, then again, usually the manga always is.

If your willing to forget the bad dubbing then the DVD is absolutely wonderful and I wouldn't change it for the world. Right Stuf International always does a good job with the Extra's, and the whole layout of their DVD's are always very nice, plus, the box that it comes with is beautifully done and definitely worth the small extra fee.

So, on with my conclusion:

If you're not worried about the bad voice acting then definitely get this. You'll enjoy it wholeheartedly. However, if the only reason you're getting the DVD is to see what the characters sound like in English, then think hard before wasting your money.

Duo Wyzgoski - Aug 10 2004
Rating: This sucked!
Voice Actors Suck!
I am a huge fan of Gravitation, i have 7 manga books (only 7 are out) and this dvd +artbox, i had watched episodes 1-13 before i bought this dvd, so knew what the voices should have sounded like. Shuichi-kun's voice was far to mature for his charater! He is a 18 going on 6, he shouldn't have that kind of a voice. Nanako-san's (Hiroshi's or Hiro's) voice was life less, he didn't sound very alive he was very blah... Sakano's voice was whimpy or whiny, Sakano-san's a complete spaz, and he cry's when he gets to excited or emotional, the voice he was givin did suit him at all! Tohma-kun's voice was to manly, he is sapost to sound somewhat femine, a perfect voice actor for him would have been Brad Swaile(some of you might know him from Gundam Wing, he did Quatre's voice, or from Ranma 1/2 , Mousse.) Yuki's voice got me so upset i started to cry! Yuki's voice is sapost to be very sexy sounding, not like some collage punk! K's voice has NO emotion what so ever!!!! And Sakuma-san's voice was to unlike Ryu-chan, Ryuichi's voice is suposse to sound cool and sexy at one time, and loud and hyper at an other. Another voice that really upset me, so much i started to cry was Fujisaki-kun's. His voice sounded like an 30 year old man! He should sound like a 16 year old boy who hasn't reached puberty yet! You know, girl-like? I mad about the La Li Ho being turned into a Hiha or whatever Shuichi said, Ryu-chan famous Na No Da, at the end of his sentinces isn't there anymore, even when his walking down the street with K he is suposse to be singing Na no na no na no, na no na no da! Na no na no do... and then speak his lines 'It appears we've come to a dead end.' and K responds 'No Ryu, thhats just a dead guy on the side of the road.' or something simaler to that. Also Kumagoro is not Mr. Bear he's a rabbit and he has a name!! It gets me so mad! Yes i read the thing that told why he was called mister bear and not Kumagoro be thats so stupid! He has a name in the orginal Jap. Episodes and in the Manga so why not in the English ep?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! Well thats my review on this dvd, i'm not even going to get into Mika, Taki, Ma-kun or Ten-chan's voices. Oh and if Tasuha and Yuki don't have the same voice actor I will be so super pissed because in the manga it says Tatsuha and Yuki has the same voice actor!!!!

P.S. don't mind my not being able to spell. I've never been good at spelling.

Blade S. Lopez - Aug 27 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
It's the most romantic thing ever!!! (sighs)
This is one of the best anime's in the world. It has everything romance, comedy, music, and for us girls yaoi. As soon as I say the first episode I was hooked I'm sure everyone will love Gravitation. I think every one deserves to see it, (Sighs) and there all sooooooooo hot. Also I think you'll really like the kiss in the first eposide in the ending, I was left breathless

Kanae Uchiha - Oct 18 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Freaking awesome.
OKay to the people who are complaining about horrible voice acting; do your ears a favor and switch over to "Japanese audio with english subtitles" the voices match thier characters in japanese ^_^ but this show is awesome. I'm glad i came across gravi and it's great music. i wish there were more animes that dealed with homosexuality both with males and females. the music in gravitation really goes great with the show; i wouldnt have it any other way. final rating: 10/10

if you like romance and not bothered by really hot and sexy gay guys; then gravitation will be worht your money =)

Kendra J - Dec 26 2004
Rating: Pretty good!
One of the best romantic anime
I had not been a fan of romance stories or movies. Anime was never an exception. One day while shopping for anime, the cover caught my attention. If seeing two beautiful guys on the front cover wasn't enough to get me into it, then reading the summary and seeing the pictures on the back sure did. It's really hard not to fall in love with this anime full of laughter and romance. If you enjoy adorable and sexy guys and fantastic music you will love Gravitation volume one.

Katy M. Metz - Aug 13 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
a must have!
When I purchased the art box plus the 1st dvd, i was glad i did! The box has wonderful art work and it so convient to store all 4 dvd's in! Also it comes with a lil VIP card on a chain and its soo cute! if ur thinking of buying the art box, you should!

melissa lam - May 18 2006
Rating: Wonderful!
I was hooked from the moment I watched it! Shuigi Shindou is such an infectious character that you can't help but try to make him happy. He's always so pushy, needy & funny. But he doesn't ask for much, just your attention! I think that is probably why Eiri Yuki got sucked into to this relationship. Shuigi set his sights on Yuki (not caring who or what he is) & he hooked him in. They make such a cute couple!

I was soooo hooked on this that I also bought the manga and CD. I love the series but it was too short! I hope RightStuf will produce more OVA's about them!