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xxxHOLiC DVD 1 (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Mike C. Dixon - Jun 1 2008
Rating: This sucked!
Almost A Great Anime
I watched xxxHolic with an increasing sense of disappointment. 90% of this is a really good offering. The catch is Watanuki. By the time his buddy was hanging on to him in the high rise scene I was shouting, Drop him! Everybody else was someone I could work up some interest in but this kid, with the continual whining and the sometimes weird, elongated animation got to be nothing more than an irritation. I hoped maybe Yuko would change him into a toad, or any of the girls kick sand in his face and send him home, spooks and all. None of the aforementioned happened, so I've got to give this one a pass and suggest you do so as well.

Otaku Review - Jun 20 2008
Rating: "Okay."
Different Than Advertised
With its over the top comedy and very odd character designs, this series has yet to really grab me in. The predictable and episodic opening volume sparked my interest but not enough that I am anxious to see more of it. Perhaps if an overall story had been thrown in early, this opening volume would’ve gotten a bit more credit but for now it remains a title with tons of potential but little momentum to get it started.

Elizabeth M. Stumpf - Jun 6 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
Awesome as Always From Clamp
This is by far my favorite anime series. The artistry of the anime to the stories that explain things in such a unique way. Then to find so many connections to other Clamp series is like an extra bonus (prize at the bottom of the cereal box kinda bonus).