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.Hack//Sign DVD Complete Series (Hyb)


Tsukasa awakens inside The World, an immense online RPG filled with monsters, magic, and mayhem. When he discovers he's unable to log out of this mysterious game, he joins forces with a colorful group of characters and begins a desperate quest to find his way back to real life.

Retail Price: $39.98
Your Price: $23.99
009-1: The End of the Beginning DVD (S) LiveAction

In the year 20XX, the world has been divided into two superpowers: the Western Bloc and the Eastern Bloc. Serving as the border zone between the two is "J-Country," a battleground in the ongoing conflict. Mylene, a western undercover agent, is investigating human trafficking in J-Country when she meets a young man named Chris. She finds herself attracted to him and cannot get him out of her mind, even after completing her mission and returning to headquarters. Before long, Mylene receives a new order from the 00Agency: rescue and protect Dr. Klein, creator of the Faust Project and the technology that turned her into a cyborg, who has been abducted by Eastern Bloc spies.

Retail Price: $19.98
Your Price: $14.99
07-Ghost Graphic Novel 14

Brainwashed by the Barsburg Empire into believing he's the evil Ayanami's faithful servant, Teito prepares to attend Princess Ouka's sixteenth birthday masquerade ball as a bodyguard. The Seven Ghosts are determined to "kidnap" Teito at the ball, but will their bond be strong enough to free him from Ayanami's grasp?

Retail Price: $9.99
Your Price: $7.49
07-Ghost Graphic Novel 15


The identities of the two final Seven Ghosts - revealed. The identity of the Warmonger - revealed. The twisted web of romance and blood relations that drew the Barsburg and Raggs empires into a tragic war - revealed. With all the cards laid on the table, the world of 07-Ghost stands poised for the final battle of good versus evil!

Retail Price: $9.99
Your Price: $7.49
12 Beast Graphic Novel 1

Eita Touga, a seemingly normal high school student, is secretly the heir apparent to a distinguished line of ninja. Unfortunately for the Touga Clan, Eita has no interest in taking over the family business. More interested in the virtual reality of video games than real life, Eita has sequestered himself to a life of digital bliss. That is until one fateful day, a mysterious harpy girl kicks in the door to his family dojo and spirits Eita away to a world full of monsters and mythological creatures. Can an unwilling slacker of a ninja like Eita help the denizens of another world stave off an invasion by a technologically-superior empire?

Retail Price: $12.99
Your Price: $9.74

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