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Alice In Wonderland: A XXX Parody DVD (D) Adult
Patricia Kendall - Feb 28 2015
Rating: This sucked!
Waste of Money!
I was very disappointed & am ashamed of myself for buying this. I kept thinking it would get better & found that it got progressively worse. It reminded me of Sims & had similar sounds. There was overlapping & no real imagination. Minimal flow & storyline and very poor graphics. I hope someday, someone will create a real Alice in Wonderland Animation that does justice to the concept. This one, however, was nothing close.
Flowers of Evil Graphic Novel 1
Gino Castellanos - Mar 1 2015
Rating: Wonderful!
I don't usually waste time reviewing stuff online but this manga has to be the exception. If you are considering this to be in your shelf, then you probably have done some research about it, if that's the case you'll see how everybody agrees with me here that this manga is a masterpiece in many ways. Just wow. This one is a must-read!! To put it simply, don't even consider it, just buy it, and enjoy the ride.
This Boy Caught a Merman Blu-ray (Hyb)
adam rollins - Mar 2 2015
Rating: Wonderful!
Beautiful and sweet!
While some have said the animation looks iffy, using thought it was pretty and artistic. The bold colors really made it pop! The story was enough to keep me entertained, and Scarborough at points to make me feel for the characters. If you like shone air, then this is great for you!
Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers DVD Complete TV Series (S)
Mike R. DePuysselier - Mar 3 2015
Rating: "Okay."
Sounds like the old anime Roinin Warriors
Not to much originality
Ubel Blatt Graphic Novel 0
Tayler Humphrey - Mar 4 2015
Rating: Wonderful!
Complex Awesomeness
This book had me at the cover. I LOVE elves. Add a badass main character with a twisted past and drive for vengeance and I am hooked. The whole story is chock full of names and places that are hard to pronounce and remember (dang German), but once you get used to the world and time frame it becomes easier. Oh, and if you are wondering why this graphic novel is so expensive, be sure to look at the page count. Yes, that is the real page count of this volume. Quite unbelievable and totally worth it.
Sailor Moon DVD Set 2 (Hyb)
D Reny - Mar 5 2015
Rating: Pretty good!
Shut up and take my money! Also last episode needs a seizure warning.
In the 17 years since I started partaking in anime viewings, I will not lie when I say this is the 1st review I have ever written. I just never felt I needed to write a review until this moment. From the first time I saw it on Toonami, I have never stopped loving the Sailor Moon series. What can I say, I have a love for shows that use the "monster of the week formula". I will not let my nostalgia bias this review though.

Sailor Moon is a show that is over 20 years old and was animated in the old tradition cel style. This means the quality may not be as superior as the newly rebooted series, SM Crystal. In some of the later episodes like episode 44 during a talk with Kunzite, the picture shakes up and down. Yet due to the animation process being shot with a camera and not done on a computer I can overlook it.

Now as for content, this show I said is over 20 years old, but I won't spoil a thing. This volume follows the Sailor Guardians on the search for the reborn Moon Princess and the Silver Crystal while fighting the Dark Kingdom to prevent the sun from being enveloped by dark shadows for all time. Even though I just summarized the basic story into one sentence, there are more plot points like new character introductions, betrayals, and back stories. This is all spread out over 23 more episodes with severely altered canon. This is in part to when Sailor Moon first aired in Japan, the manga it was based off of had yet to be finished. So as a common practice with mostly all anime produced for TV, Studio Toei who animated the series created several plot points that are anime exclusive. Seasoned veterans of Sailor Moon will know that I speak of the Rainbow Crystal and Bewitched Endymion arcs. 1st time viewers may be turned off by them, but if they choose to follow through, a satisfying, climactic finale will be their reward.

Speaking of the final episode, I never remembered the flashes of sometimes white and other times red and purple being so abundant during that deciding battle. I am not susceptible to epilepsy or seizures but as a warning to those who can't handle strobe lights, just don't watch the last episode at night in a dark room. I got a headache during those 4 minutes. Still the picture quality is not at all grainy on the TV I viewed it on.

The scripts are more professionally done and I can't complain with the job the new actors are doing. I actually felt emotion and cried this time when Nephrite dies because Naru had a voice this time that wasn't insufferable. Stephanie Sheh manages to capture the moments of a crying Usagi without it ever being intolerable as opposed to former Sailor Moon voice actress Linda Ballantyne *shudder.*

All around this set looks and sounds superior to the original DiC releases. I cannot compare VIZ's release to the ADV subbed sets because I never bought them, if only because I prefer to watch and not read my anime.

So I am eternally grateful to you VIZ. Keep on rolling them out and you'll get my money every time.