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Grindhouse Psychos Triple Feature DVD (D) LiveAction

Cop Killers
In front of them, cops. Behind them, dead cops. They are... the Cop Killers! Two wayward long-haired ne'er-do-wells will do just about anything to score some easy money. This includes smuggling large quantities of narcotics across the border, but nothing seems to go according to plan, so they steal a getaway ice cream truck, take hostages, and terrorize innocent bystanders. As the law turns up the heat, the duo soon turn on each other. Can they keep it together long enough to get their money? Or will the cops get their revenge? Either way, they're going to get what's coming to them.

After witnessing the miscreants shooting up heroin and lunching on rats they killed with loaded 357s, apartment dweller Hector gets fed up and turns in the band of basement-squatting junkies. The police arrest them, but justice does not prevail. A few hours after their release the gang returns with only one thing in mind, revenge! Their plan is simple: take over the building, terrorize, maim, torture and kill every tenant, one floor at a time.

Don't Go In The House
As a child, Donald Kohler grew up under the sadistic rule of an overbearing mother. Her method of punishment? A severe burning. Through the years, Donald finds no comfort, no sympathy, no home in the real world. When he discovers his mother has died in her sleep, he thinks he may finally be free. But with nightmarish visions and voices in his head, the damage has been done. Now he hopes to incinerate his repressive past by seeking out young women, taking them to his home and burning them alive.

Special Features: Interviews, Cast and Crew Audio Commentary, Radio and TV Spots, Photo Galleries, Promo Trailers.

Spoken Languages: English.

  • Format - Dubbed in English

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