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Someday's Dreamers

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Someday's Dreamers DVD 1 (Hyb)

Yume is a 15-year old girl from the contryside of Japan. The only thing unusual about this ordinary girl is her ability to use magic! This summer, Yume reached the age required by the government to begin an apprenticeship to harness her natural talents and become a licensed wizard. Yume's first time away from home and she travels to the big city of Tokyo and finds herself living in the same apartment as her mentor, the handsome but mysterious Wizard Oyamada.

Someday's Dreamers DVD 3 (Hyb): Precious Feelings

The mage apprenticeship is almost over, but Yume does not feel ready for the final certification exam at all. She even starts to doubt the value of Special Powers, as she sees negative consequences from her attempts to help people with her mage abilities.

Someday's Dreamers DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

When can flunking a spelling test cause major problems? When you're learning how to use magic, of course! And that's exactly the situation fifteen-year-old Yume Kikuchi finds herself in when she travels to Tokyo to begin her apprenticeship as a licensed magic user. Unfortunately, Yume's a country girl in the big city for the first time and there are a lot of new-fangled ideas to get used to - like her new mentor, Oyamada, turning out to be a man instead of the expected woman!

Someday's Dreamers Graphic Novel 1

Yume innocently uses her magic to help the people she encounters - soccer players, the wrongly incarcerated, or two young lovers wanting to see the moon on a cloudy night. And you can bet that Yume's magic leads to new adventures - and a few mishaps!

Someday's Dreamers Graphic Novel 2

Yume and Masami are kicked out of a taxi because they are magic users. Masami is ambushed by a young boy named Daiki, who has a strange request to ask him. On top of that, Masami must prepare for the all important graduation exams. Masami's life will continue to spiral down if he is unable to confront what is in is heart.

Someday's Dreamers II Sora DVD Complete Collection (S)

Get ready for a second magical journey to the world of Someday's Dreamers, where spellcasting is a profession that requires both the proper training AND a license. It's to get that license and fulfill a promise made to her late father that young Suzuki Sora has made the long journey from her distant home in the countryside town of Biei to the big city of Tokyo. It's a daunting challenge, but she's got a little bit of talent, a charming personality and, most important of all, the promise of an internship!

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