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Bakugan Battle Brawlers DVD 1 (D)

Bakugan is the story of Dan and his friends as they battle their Bakugan monsters to save the parallel universe of Vestroia and ultimately the Earth from destruction. What these young warriors initially thought was just a game has become a race to restore peace throughout the universe!

Retail Price: $14.97
Your Price: $12.22
Beyblade DVD 1 (D): Let it Rip! - Geneon Signature Series

As a young Beyblader, Tyson has a dream to be the best blader in the world! Tyson decides to challenge Kai, undefeated blader. Unfortunately Tyson is crushed by Kai's blade. Vowing revenge, Tyson begins his quest to rebuild his Beyblade.

Retail Price: $14.98
Your Price: $1.50
Cardfight!! Vanguard Graphic Novel 3

After Aichi's initial encounter with rogue card battlers Foo Fighter, his favorite card shop Card Capital has seen a constant stream of Foo Fighter elites walk through their doors. What is their objective? And why are they so interested in Aichi and Misaki? Then Aichi faces off with one of Foo Fighter's best, Tetsu. Will his new competitor bring out the inner fighter in Aichi? Or will the young card fighter have to battle his own demons in what may be his toughest challenge yet?

Retail Price: $10.95
Your Price: $7.46
Digimon Season 2: Digimon Adventure 02 DVD Complete Collection (D)

Four years after Tai, Mimi and the rest of the Digidestined brought peace to the digital world and found their way back home, the Digimon Emperor - a new villain - threatens the world and its Digital Monsters. With some the original kids off to junior high, a new generation is chosen to defend and save the world from evil. Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken join T.K and Kari to form the new Digidestined team. Together they journey back to the Digital World to battle the Digimon Emperor and free all the Digital Monsters from his control.

Retail Price: $79.95
Your Price: $61.96
Pokemon Complete Pocket Guide Box Set

The complete guide to all 491 Pokemon, including the new Diamond and Pearl generation! Fully illustrated and totally comprehensive, this two-volume set features one Pokemon per page, providing full-color pictures, descriptions and stats, including Abilities, Moves and Evolution. Portable, practical and bursting with information, this pocket guide is all you need to catch 'em all!

Retail Price: $16.99
Your Price: $11.49
YuGiOh Cap: YuGiOh! Let's Duel

Retail Price: $7.95
Your Price: $1.50

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