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Lagoon Engine Graphic Novel 1

Yen Ragun, who tries very hard to be the smartest boy in the entire district, is constantly tied with Ayato Housui. He's shocked when he comes home from school one day to find that Ayato is not only his cousin but will also be living with his family indefinitely! Yen doesn't have time to worry about that, however, because he and his little brother Jin are constantly undergoing training to join the family business as Gakushi.

Gakushi are people who take care of ghosts, evil spirits, etc. Battles with spirits come down to a game of guessing your opponent's "name." Once you know the name you gain control over the fight. Both Yen and Jin have secret names only they know... and must keep them secret or risk death!

Story and art by Yukiru Sugisaki.


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