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Hellsing Ultimate DVD/Blu-ray Set 2 (Hyb) Limited Edition (Vols 5-8)

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Reviews of this title:

Rosa V. Martinez - Aug 22 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Who will be holding the cards?
In these 4 volumes we see the epic battle between Hellsing's army versus the Millenium and Vatican army! Hellsing's own Seras Victoria gets a whole episode to herself as her and Millenium's Zorin, have an all out at the Hellsing mansion along with the captain of the Wild Geese, Pip Bernedette (or Vernedead, what have you) and his subordinates. After that epic battle, we see the return of Alucard from being stuck at sea in the carrier which before was brutally pierced by the SR-71 that he, himself, maneuvered through the skies of London until reaching the Atlantic Ocean where the carrier was sitting. Upon his return, the Battle of London starts and we see all 3 forces go at it for the victory. Who will be victorious? Well, we'll just have to wait and see!

Nick Major - Nov 14 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
This anime, this product, is nothing short of a masterpiece!
We've been seeing the "vampire revival" as of late, with television shows and movies taking the vampire legacy in a...different direction. However, "Hellsing: Ultimate" returns us to the dark and horrific origins of the creatures that made us cower under our bedsheets with each shadow passing over our windows at night. Many anime being released recently could be called "filler" or "silly"; lots of fanservice, moe, and ecchi. This is not one of those anime. Known as one of the "epic" anime's, the Hellsing storyline weaves together seamlessly the horrific realizations of living in a world infested with monsters, with the voice talent and emotions that would give Hollywood something to admire. The amount of care and dedication that Funimation has put into this series is apparent, even just with the stunning artwork on the collector's box. On top of that, they've flawlessly and painstakingly captured the essence of what this series was meant to be without "selling out" like many series have been known to do. The accents are flawless and add immensely to the viewing experience. Final words: this is a must-have for anyone who believes themselves a true anime fan, as Hellsing is of the rare breed of anime titles that will be remembered far, far down the road.