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Inu Yasha

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Inu Yasha Season 5 DVD Set (Hyb)

Half-demon Inuyasha, modern-day schoolgirl Kagome and their companions face their deepest fears and worst nightmares as their quest to find the Sacred Jewel shards continues. The deadly Band of Seven, a group of mercenaries executed for their crimes, have returned from the dead to wreak havoc, and Inuyasha is determined to stop them.

Inu Yasha Season 6 DVD Set (Hyb)

As if battling demons and searching for the Sacred Jewel shards weren't tough enough, Kagome also faces the battles of a very modern-day student, like preparing for a school festival and a love scene in the class play! But demons wait for no one, and soon Kagome is back in the past, encountering demon women that test the bond between Miroku and Sango, a woman who's mysteriously in love with Inuyasha's brother Sesshomaru, and an ancestor of the boy with a crush on Kagome in the present day!

Inu Yasha Season 7 DVD Set (Hyb)

The story of the priestess Kikyo and half-demon Inuyasha ended in tragedy. Will Inuyasha and Kagome's story have a happier ending? Each battle draws the group closer to their ultimate goal - the border of the afterlife and the final shard of the Shikon Jewel. But the last stage of their journey is the most difficult of all. In their final battle with Naraku, will the bond between Kagome and Inuyasha prove strong enough to vanquish him at last?

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Inu Yasha Trading Card Game: Inu Yasha Booster Pack

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Inu Yasha: The Final Act Blu-ray Complete Series (Hyb)


Kagome finds herself pulled between two worlds as she struggles to fight alongside Inuyasha in the feudal era and study for her high school entrance exams in the present. As the battle enters its final stage, Inuyasha and his friends have their strength, loyalties, and will to live pushed to the limit. The final key to Naraku's and the Jewel's destruction may lie in nothing more - and nothing less - than the trust between a half demon and a girl from the future.

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