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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Didi Y. T - Oct 6 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
'hey little anime fan, want some eye candy?"
If Anime/Final Fantasy is your addiction, this is a definite must have. The CG is unbelievable. Even on a non-high definition TV, the graphics and animation quality has such vivid detail. I am still in disbelief that the only time real actors were used was for the voiceover.

I highly doubt FF VII fans will be disappointed either. Do you remember the game ending, the very last visual when you finish the game AFTER the credits were run? Then consider Advent Children as a bonus, --the extended version of the epilogue.

No doubt, worth every bit of currency!

Caroline J. Klawender - Nov 25 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
Fans will love this!
I've already watched FF7:AC and I must say that it's well worth the wait (despite having to wait 2 years to finally get to watch it...)! Although there could have been some more character developement, Advent Children really is a love letter to those who've played the game. Enjoy and be sure to watch the ending credits! ;-)

Stephanie Gonzalez - Nov 28 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
A much improved Final Fantasy movie based on everyones favorite game
This is an awesome movie. I couldn't wait for the English version to be released, so I had to buy one that was in Japanese with english subtitles and I must say that it blew me away. I've seen all the trailers for it and I couldn't wait for it to come out. The visuals in this movie are just mind blowing. Every scene is visually stunning, no detail left out(and no character left out). Advent Children will feature all of the same characters from the Final Fantasy 7 game and will also feature new characters that we haven't seen before in the game. If you're an anime fan(which I'm assuming all of you are or you wouldn't be on this website), I highly recommend looking for a copy of it that has the added bonus "Last Order"(It might come with the english version dvd as an extra, I'm not sure). Last Order is an anime version of FF7 that features the events at Nibelheim, with Tifa and Zack and Sephiroth. I can't wait until the english version comes out. I want to see who they've casted for the roles ^^ Any Final Fantasy VII fan will enjoy it. An added point is Advent Children is much much much MUCH better than The Spirits Within.

Handel S. Williams - Dec 20 2005
Rating: "Okay."
If you are a FFVII fan, you gotta buy it regardless.
The visuals are stunning, and one can only hope the PS3 is gonna be this good graphically, but the story is beyond awful. It does pick up right where FFVII ended if you have seen the ending, and if you haven't, you really better find a way to play and finish that game fast if you want to watch this. Even being a fan and having played all the way through the game years ago I still found this a bit confusing - why? Because the story makes very little sense as a movie. This really should be the cutscenes for the FFVII sequel that everyone wants but SquareEnix will probably never make. That way they could take the time to really explain what things like Geostigma are. But like I said, if you are an FFVII fan, you are gonna buy this no matter what - the movie is ridiculous, but I still love it.

Rebecca Whipple - Nov 6 2006
Rating: Wonderful!
Wonderful animation and story.
The story is gripping, full of adventure and sadness at the same time. The animation is beautifully done with CGI and stand in actors. This is one to get for your collection. If you miss this chapter in the Final Fantasy story you will regret it. Advent Children has a great number of characters, some old and some new, but all of them are put together beautifully. The way that Cloud keeps to himself is somewhat confusing at first, but that was because I never played the game Final Fantasy VII. But after watching the movie a couple of times and doing some research by watching the second disc on the special edition, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, was beautiful and definitly one to get for your collection.

Krys K - Aug 11 2008
Rating: This sucked!
I'm sorry for my poor English but I can't stop myself. This review is from person which never play the game. I'm sorry Final Fantasy fans but this movie is the biggest piece of garbage out there, this is one of the worst movies I ever seen. Directing - not existing, if director of this movie is more then 5 years old it should be send to jail for 25 years without possibility of parole. Movie jump from one scene to another without making any sense, trying to be in the past present and future in 3 second of footage Script- horrible, no wait this movie don't have any script, just go like that -mother! -brother! -mother!!! -mother! -brother! -mother! -brother! -person name!! -mother! -etc.... Characters development- main characters development not existing, other characters pop-up like crazy. Characters design - pretty good, besides few silly looking creatures characters design is very good. Music - horrible, european heavy metal combine with classical and some choir, equals one big mess. Animation- excellent, but I forget about that, 30 minutes of this annoying movie will do that to you. I will not recommend this movie to anybody who didn't play the game, and after watching this crap I don't ever intend buy or play this game. From scale 0 to 10 this deserve 0.0000000000000000000000001