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Beyblade DVD 1 (D): Let it Rip! - Geneon Signature Series

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Reviews of this title:

Chelle Cantwell - Apr 11 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
Amazing anime!
This series may be overlooked now, but at one time, Beyblade was at the top. I consider this a classic now. This anime has amazing special effects, crisp and clean animation, and characters with ambition. Beyblade has action, adventure, intrigue, humor, and some parts even poke a soft spot, like when Kai leaves the Bladebreakers team and becomes slightly evil, you can almost feel the disappointment and contempt that Takao (Tyson) and his team feels. I highly recommend this anime.

Punk Anarchist - Apr 11 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
An action adventure anime!
Beyblade was once at the top of the charts, but now it seems as though it doesn't get that much attention as it used too. Sad, but its not the only anime who's popularity went down. This anime features CGI action (during the beyblade battles) characters with ambition and determination, and a plot full of adventure and intrigue. The down side? The first season of this adrenline-rushing anime is edited, but its still good, and since this is the only version available, its better than nothing. If you like Case Closed, Ranma 1/2, Flame of Recca, Inu Yasha, Zoids, and Pokemon, then please give this anime a chance. As a manga, it was published in the same magazine as the above mentioned anime, so you may like this anime.