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Twin Spica Graphic Novel 4

Will you ever forget when Japan's first manned space shuttle, the Lion, crashed? It's a day that will permamently be in the hearts of thousands of people who witnessed the tragedy firsthand, and the many more who were directly impacted by the accident. But as in most cases, time will erode such memories. People and communities will often move on. And those who are left hurting, may build a resentment towards much more than the crash itself.

Asumi is now in her second term at the Tokyo Space School. After struggling to be accepted into this elite program and some hardships once she was admitted, she quickly found herself developing her skills and her character through the many trials the school administered. Despite her deminutive size, Asumi has a huge heart and equally powerful drive, and she will not accept failure as an option. When she is confronted by protestors demonstrating against Japan's space program, she is torn by the memories of her past, including her deceased mother, and the dreams she is working so hard to attain.

Story and art by Kou Yaginuma.


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