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Farscape Season 4: Volume 4.5 (D) DVD LiveAction

Contains 4 episodes:

Episode 419: We're So Screwed, Part I: Fetal Attraction
Moya's crew tracks Aeryn to a Scarran Border Station. She is imprisoned upon a freighter about to leave for Katratzi, a Scarran base. To keep the ship docked and under quarantine, Noranti gives Rygel a deadly, contagious disease. This gives the crew time to plan a rescue, but no one figures on the cunning and ruthlessness of Aeryn's captor.

Episode 420: We're So Screwed, Part II: Hot To Katratzi
Moya's crew travels to Katratzi, a Scarran base where Scorpius is being tortured for wormhole information. The crew plans to incite a confrontation between the Kalish and Charrid forces at the base, hoping the diversion will allow them to free Scorpius, and keep wormhole knowledge out of Scarran hands.

Episode 421: We're So Screwed, Part III: La Bomba
After thwarting Crichton's escape plan, Scorpius denies that he's a Scarran spy, and demands Crichton's help to destroy a cavern of vital Scarran flora - claiming it will also provide them with a better means of escape. While Rygel and Noranti fight an evil Stark, Sikozu must reveal her true agenda if they are all to survive.

Episode 422: Bad Timing
Safely back on Moya, Crichton learns of the Scarrans' intention to invade Earth. He analyzes his data and comes up with a way to collapse the wormhole to Earth, but he can't do it alone. Meanwhile, Braca demands Scorpius be released from Moya and returned to his Command Carrier. And Aeryn has a few surprises of her own, including the identity of her baby's father.

DVD Features: behind the scenes: Anthony Simcoe ("D'Argo"); Inside Farscape: Beyond Hope – The End of Farscape... or Not; From the Archives: On the Last Day - Farscape wrap speech from David Kemper; Cool Farscape facts by Paul Simpson, author of Farscape: The Illustrated Companion series guides; and previews.

Spoken Languages: English.

  • Format - Dubbed in English

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