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Saber Marionette R DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Randy Cobb - Jul 18 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
A great show
I was really not expecting much from this show since I was comparing it very heavily to Saber Marionette J, which is one of my favorite shows. Boy was I suprised when I heard Maggie Blue O'Hara retaining her role as Lime on the English dub. In fact most of the voice actors from SMJ were in this one. I was expecting totally different actors since AnimeWorks did this one, not Bandai.

The Character designs were done by someone other than Tsukasa Kotobuki so the look of the show is really different compared to the other series. In fact this show is really dark, meaning most of it takes place at night and the colors are not as bright.

The story was really good for only being 3 episodes. They could have had a little more background story on Starface because they really don't tell you why he was in prison at the beginning. Other than that the story was great.

The DVD only has trailers as extras but I guess that kept the price under $20.

J. Green - Sep 4 2004
Rating: Pretty good!
A new take on Saber Marionette
This review is based on the vhs version!! I'm a SMJ fan and this was hard to get ahold of. Basically it's an alternate take on SMJ. All the framilar characters are here-Lime, Cherry etc. They are much "younger" in this incarnation. There is a much darker atmosphere present, the story has a small amount of comedy-my favorite scene is where Cherry chain slaps the old geezer who gropes her in the wrong place. All in all it's a good watch. I understand that this dub was used in the dvd version-it's very well done, better than the japanese original. Gotta say I prefer dubs to subs, though.

Jack Daniels - Jan 3 2005
Rating: Pretty good!
Not Your Fathers Saber Marionette
This awas a little bit of a mystery to me-I had heard mostly good things about it. Upon watching it one thing was readily apperent, it's a much darker take on the SM universe. I think the relationship is like the Tenchi Muyo story arcs-different takes on the same story.The story is well done, the characters are unique. Best of all it's quite short, 1 1/2 hrs in length. It gets quite a lot done in that short time. Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry are quite a bit different from previous incarnations. All in all this is very good, I would highly reccommend it to any SM fan.

Julius D. Terrell - Sep 19 2006
Rating: Wonderful!
I loved this OVA because I love fighting. Watching all three marionettes in action is a real treat. Wow, that bloodberry can sure deliver the blows, but I everyone shouldn't underestimate little lime. How cute, but deadly she is.

The story starts out with our badguy star face being arrested, while creating a new marionette. It just evolves from that and gets pretty danm heartdredching.

I loved "R" more because of the dark atmosphere and adult appeal this show has. There are plenty of comedic moments, but the real love for this OVA comes from the darkness it harnesses. Watch this one in the dark.