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Toradora! DVD Set 1 (S)

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Reviews of this title:

Brian S. Milla - Jul 23 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
The first season of Toradora! was a bit mixed for me (review-wise).
As i've sort of pointed out, my review for the first season of Toradora! was kind of mixed... By mixed I mean that, while Toradora! started out with good pacing, it was too quick on the draw (specifically the comedic moments) which to be honest was way over-used. Character design is just flawless (granted the character design of the second season was in top form despite it being sacrificed somewhat to further engage in the plot/genre of romance (plot comes later). In all honesty, I cried hysterically during the second season of Toradora! because of the romantic (but tragic, in a way) conflicts of both the main and side characters (but i'm getting way ahead of myself). The voice acting is just flawless, so no need to comment on that. The structure of songs accompanied by the romance genre in general is like no other (specifically speaking: Orange, and Silky Heart). These two songs just shook me up with tears of joy/sadness altogether. Anyone else can say the same :). Overall, it was awesome all around.