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Someday's Dreamers DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

P J. Hartwell - Apr 3 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
A nice anime
Ah Someday's Dreamers,what a wonderful show. If you are into Garden of Sinners, Fate/Stay Night, Fairytale, or some other show involving mages I recommend this. It's completely different, it's one of the 'nicest' anime shows ever made. At the heart of the story we have a girl apprenticing to become a mage. She must pass tests, take certification exams, watch training videos, and help her mentor through a crisis of his own. All good stuff that takes mages and makes them normal humans in the real world The music is what makes this show. I've had the soundtrack for a few years and it has some of my favorite music for good and bad days. It's Beautiful music that amplify's the emotions in the scenes and whisks the story along.

The show was made for teen women...I think that's probably the audience expected to like this, but for whatever it's worth, good quality shows always trump intended audience when it comes to anime.

John A. Callahan - Jan 3 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
A slice of life about mages? But it works!
This is a thoroughly lovely anime. The atmosphere or mood of the anime brings Aria and ef, A Tale of Memories to mind. Although it is ostensibly a mage story in which mystic arts are a central feature, it is actually a "finding yourself" story about a young apprentice mage, Yume and her mentor. As she is taught the practice of her special power, Yume influences those around her and is influenced by them, ultimately coming to an understanding of her role as a professional mage and what that means on a personal level, both to her and to those requesting her mage actions. Her journey is not without uncertainty and conflict. By the end I was crying like a little girl. But the journey with Yume and her friends is so very worth the tears. Do yourself a favor and watch this anime.