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Dragon Ball Z (Spanish) DVD 1: El Encuentro de los Saiyajin

La paz en al Tierra se ve perturbada por la llegada hostil de un mercenario extraterrestre cuya maldad no conoce limites. La nueva ola de terror de esta amenaza empieza cuando el más grande héroe de la tierra es herido despiadadamente. Todo se complica aún más al descubrir que este invasor implacable es peor de los que se cree.

Retail Price: $12.98
Your Price: $2.20
Hello Kitty's Paradise (El Paraiso De Hello Kitty) DVD 1 (Spanish): Kitty Linda

Join Kitty, her best friend Mimmy and their friends from school as they take fun childhood adventures and learn important skills as sharing, having good table manners, writing letters and being polite.

Retail Price: $14.98
Your Price: $2.19
Huntik DVD 1: Golem De Prauge (Spanish)

Lok Lambert was a normal high school student with a knack for puzzles until the discovery of his father's secret journal. He is thrown into a world of monsters and danger, hunted by the mysterious Organization that will stop at nothing to get the book.

Retail Price: $16.99
Your Price: $4.39
Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone DVD (Spanish) LiveAction

A virus developed by aliens and being tested by the FBI, infects a small town. The secret experiment transforms people into killer mutant zombies. The FBI decides to isolate the town from the rest of the world. But this is a decision that the few survivors won't accept. Now John West, a pro wrestler; Bill Johnson, a medical student; and Max Giggs, a computer nerd, will need to find the map that contains the only exit from the town while they fight thousands of zombies to find out the answer to this unexpected situation!

Retail Price: $14.95
Your Price: $4.38
Robotech Remastered: Extended Edition DVD Masters Set 1 (English/Spanish)

Features never before seen footage and a fresh, clean digital transfer of Robotech from the original 16mm film stock, returning the series to a lovely and near-pristine state without compromising the character of the original animation.

Retail Price: $29.98
Your Price: $5.99
Shadow: Dead Riot DVD (Spanish) LiveAction (Rated)

El idolo del terror Tony Todd entrega su desempeño, muy poderoso y malo como Shadow, un asesino ejecutado y resucitado que invade una prisión de mujeres, en busca de la chica conocida como Solitaire. Solitaire siente su destino eminente y se prepara para pelear sin ayuda contra Shadow y su ejército de Zombies en una pelea subrenatural de artes marciales. Shadow: Dead Riot es una fusión extraordinaria de la acción del asiático estilo, el terror del zombie y el drama del las mujeres del al prisión.

Retail Price: $9.99
Your Price: $3.10

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