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Negima!? (Season 2) DVD Complete Series (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

allen d. moore - Apr 5 2010
Rating: This sucked!
is a remake of the original
this is not a season 2 as the title says it is a complete remake of the original anime. the voice acting is horrid, the drawing style is lousy. they took a good anime and completely ruined it as a cheesy 3rd rate anime. i do not recommend getting this if you are a fan of the original title.

... .. ... - Apr 19 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
Its a total remake with more action, comedy, and its 100000000000 better. ITS A MUST HAVE

J Green - Dec 7 2010
Rating: Pretty good!
Better than the 1st version
Unlike one of the other 2 reviews-I liked this better than the first version-the ending was much better, the manic action with all of the word bubbles flying around made it kinda hard to keep track of some times, all of the major va's from the first round came back-Greg Ayers as Negi was especially good. I really prefer Ken Akamatsu's first outing-Love Hina- to this but it's still great entertainment.

Tara L. Carroway - Jan 27 2011
Rating: Pretty good!
weak plot, strong humor
like the other reviews state, this is a total remake of the original Negima! However, that is not a bad thing. The art is unusual at first, but becomes quite favorable once you've adjusted. Not to mention the unique camera angles make it much more interesting to just watch. The plot is a bit lacking, but the humor is increased ten-fold! With more character development, new characters, and a cheesy narrator this new Negima!? will have you bust out laughing one way or another!

Anon Y. Mous - Mar 17 2011
Rating: Pretty good!
In... a good way
Just to clarify, this is a second season of the anime Negima! in that it uses the same characters and setting. However it's a total plot reboot. It's based more on the manga Negima!? Neo. It be more accurate to call it a second series or alternate retelling.

Personally I found this season 3x better than the first one. This season is way funnier and has a more interesting plot. Compared to the first series, the art in this show is a little more cutesy but uses darker color tones which gives it a unique look that goes well with the story and comedy aspects of the show.

The comedy in this show alone is enough to earn this show a check up.