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Magical Project S DVD Set 2 (S): Pixy Misa Finale!

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Reviews of this title:

Tracy l. Carloff - Feb 19 2003
Rating: Wonderful!
As good if not better than any of the Tenchi "Universes"
The characters in this series are from the sci-fi, romantic comedy slapstick drama adventures of "Tenchi Muyo" ,yet this series IS unlike any of it's predecessors. Making fun of the "Mahou Shoujo" (Magigal Girl) anime genre. With it's Sailor Moon-ish "transformation by incantation" (Pretty Mutation, Magical Recall?) Reluctant 4th grader Sasami Kawai, Drafted into the bearing the reponsibility of balancing the scales of good and evil on earth as "Magical Girl, Pretty Samy", and nobody (not even her parents!) manage to notice that "Pretty Samy" is actually Sasami Kawai, (even though all that really changes is her costume!) The fact that it is in Japanese with English subtitles rather than dubbed in English is an asset, in Japanese, the characters ARE hilarious as they seem to be truly insane. Add that to the physical comedy and you will find yourself wanting more than the 26 total episodes of the series Whether or not you have ever seen any "Tench Muyo" before is irrelevant, This show stands on it's own! Both myself and my 45 year old Dad truly love this series and we recommend that you get the entire 26 episode series, so you can watch them again and again as they seem to get funnier every time we watch 'em!