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World of Narue DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

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Peter Giese - Jul 16 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
From Minor League to Major League of anime
On April 27th, 2009, Central Park Media, a company which produced a great line of anime and such was deceased... or bankrupt.

On April 5th, The World of Narue, one of the many animes that weer licensed by CPM, was signed to ADV Films. And the rest was history.

The anime re-releases its box set after a great performance in the anime world back in 2004. The World of Narue is indeed my all-time favorite anime in the world.

This review contains PROs and CONs...

PRO: You'll relive all the moments in Narue history, such as the first time Kazuo & Narue met.

This anime is looking to regroup itself after losing its old home. This is by far a very UBER AWESOME anime! And the voice actors remain flawless.

Which brings me to the cons...

CON: It's all the same. The animation, the storyline, the character voice actors, EVERYTHING!

PRO: To advice to CON, it's all good for nostalgia! Veronica Taylor is one of good ones in voice-over.

CON: The DVD box set contains (Brace yourself...) NO EXTRAS!!!

PRO: The episodes are all-time classics in the anime fans world.

CON: Not all people can own it.

To all Narue fans around the world, enjoy The World of Narue... again... on DVD. This anime will relive one of Narue's famous lines...

"It's a Direct hit to your Heart!"

Words to live by, as TWoN goes from the small world to the big leagues in their newly licensed group. Now only if ADV Manga can release the remaining Narue Mangas to the U.S. that CPM did not release (Thanks 4 nothin', CPM Manga!).

Overall, before my computer goes blue-screen again, after writing a long one, this anime deserves 5 stars on my recordbooks.

My rating: 9 out of 10. Not bad... for nostalgia!!!