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Okusama wa Maho Shojo Figure: Asaba Ureshiko w/ Umbrella (1/7 PVC)

Okusama wa Maho Shoji's Asaba Ureshiko is a happily married woman, but she is a bit absent-minded and clumsy. What the people of her town don't know is that she is actually a "Magical Girl" named Agnes Belle. She arrived from "The Realm" to look after and protect the land.

Presented here in her "human form," Asaba is enjoying a day out in the rain. Perched on a log fence (which is a themed base!), Asaba is holding an umbrella that is trimmed with stars. Her pink shirt complements her pink hair and the slit down her long white dress shows off her long, soft, peach-colored legs. She looks as if she is waiting in the rain hoping her love comes walking down the road.


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