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Honey and Clover DVD Set 1 (Hyb)

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Megan McCray - Oct 1 2009
Rating: Not all that good.
Poignant slife of life comedy marred by confusing & outdated localization
Honey and Clover in and of itself is one of my all-time favorite anime series. Noitamina did a superb job bringing Umino Chika's manga to life, turning a rather cramped but readable graphic novel into a vivacious comedic romp with a loveably quirky cast of characters, an equally quirky soundtrack and more than its share of memorable moments.

For this release, Viz managed a brightly colored cleanly designed boxset, and the quality of the video looking quite great.


All of that is marred by a rather nonsensical localization. Team Viz decided to flip the Japanese names to their 'westernized' equivalents, --contrary to what they are currently doing with the manga release--! Yet, despite this, they left the honorifics intact. This makes for an oddly stilted viewing experience (sticks out like a sore thumb to anyone already familiar with the series), and after waiting two years for Viz to finally release this, I find it very hard to overlook this glaringly contradictory localization decision.

Hopefully the left hand will finally get the memo on what the right hand is doing over at Viz HQ, and maybe in the future a complete collection with this issue remedied on some level will make this point moot.