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Slayers Return The Motion Picture R Soundtrack CD

The soundtrack to Slayers Return: The Motion Picture "R" also includes numerous instrumental and incidental tracks, and vocal performances by Megumi Hayashibara, who is the voice of the film's lead character.

Track Listing:

  1. Just be conscious
  3. Galef - Frightening Ambition
  4. Main Title
  5. The shadow of the enemy, and the smell of money
  6. Spearhead for World Conquest
  7. Lina and Naga are Here
  8. Seriously!!
  9. Testimony of the Promise
  10. "Zein" Full Picture of the Threat
  11. Forboding of Atrocity
  12. The Lost Spell, Now.
  13. Saleena's Determination
  14. When I Hold High the Sword of Pride
  15. Ancient Power
  16. And to the Battle
  17. Golem, Charge!
  18. Rune Blas, the Demon Beast
  19. A Worthy Opponent
  20. Lina - Beautiful Beat
  21. Just be conscious (Movie Size Version)
  22. RUN ALL THE WAY! (Fire Ball Groove Mix)
  23. Special Bonus Track Seriously!! (Off Vocal Version)

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