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Gilgamesh DVD Box Set (Thinpak)

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Reviews of this title:

M J. W - Jan 27 2009
Rating: This sucked!
The bad, the bad, and the ugly...and bad.
Picked this up after downloading some music videos with footage from the show - for the most part the animation is pretty good. They spend too much effort making the characters look realistic and then spend no effort at all on their expressions. They look like marionettes through the whole show.

The main plot is NEVER resolved in any comprehensible fashion. Essentially the entire cast spends the show wondering what evil the enemy is plotting and then at the grand finale the audience is left wondering what the heck happened. The action sequences are basically a bunch of cut-aways. The soundtrack borders on the abyssmal.

The storyline advances at half the pace it should and 3/4 of the elements that are introduced are never explained.

Honestly? Don't bother. I've seen dozens of shows from start to finish and never regretted finishing out a series until this title.

Greg Z - Feb 1 2009
Rating: Pretty good!
a sleeper - recommended
I can understand why someone disliked this show, but I strongly disagree.

It's dark, slow-paced, and broody. The art is unusual (but stylish), the colors are stark, and frame rates are low. The story is pretty tragic. If you're OK with all that then I strongly recommend this show.

I'll give thumbs up on the music (except maybe the OP). It fits the atmosphere pretty well.

For what it's worth the ending gets mixed reactions, but I thought it was perfect. YMMV!

Rustin B. Meek - Feb 1 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
slow yet eventful
im used to slower paced animes so the pace at which this moved along was no problem for me.. in the end it turned out to have a compelling story! i liked most of the characters, and the ways they interacted. just make it to the end, youll be glad you did

Ogie Doggie - Mar 27 2011
Rating: This sucked!
I agree with M.J.M. -this sucks!
There was only enough storyline for barely 10 episodes so they stretched this thing out to 26 episodes which leads to this thing moving at a snails pace (things pick up for the last 4 episodes). I am seeing more and more of this where they take an Anime that barely has enough storyline for one season and try to get two seasons out of it. This was just painful to watch. A lot of things are brought up and then never explained, just more crap added into the storyline for filler. The animation style is dark and ugly - which is OK if you have a good storyline. There are just to many other good Anime to watch, so my recommendation is to spend your money on something else.