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Rocket Girls Complete Collection DVD (S)

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Reviews of this title:

Max P. Sterling - Feb 27 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
I have to say when i saw the animation style of this one it reminded me of the old school animations back in the 70's that I grew up with. I was a little hesetent to get it. Sometimes these older series can be a little to weird. But this one isn't like that. It is a blast. I was laughing from the first 10 minutes into the show. I just got done with the first disc and I have to say I am loving it. Just because its old doesn't mean its bad. then again I never did see anything that said when it was made I just assumed it was by the artwork. any way give this one a chance it will make you laugh. I hope.

Ogie Doggie - Jun 11 2009
Rating: "Okay."
Just one of those fun little anime
First off whoever did the art work on the front of the box should be taken out and beat with a bamboo stick. The cover art looks like something from the 1980's but the animation is the newer style done less than 2 years ago. so don't let the cover slow you down.

This is about Japanese High Schools girls going into space (hey wait haven't we seen this before?) well no because its present day not something in the future like "Stellvia".

Basically a Japanese High School girl wants to find her father (he left her mother on their honeymoon in the Salmon Islands and went for walk on the beach and never came back) so during her summer vacation she goes to the Salmon Islands to look for her father. On this island there is a Japanese Rocket company that is trying to put manned rockets into space for repair work on communications satellites but is trying to do it as cheaply as possible. They offer to help find her father if she will go into space (really they just need someone to prove that their rockets will make it into space (without blowing up).

Very early in the story she finds her father who is the chief of the near by village and who has married again and now our Japanese High School girl finds out that she has a step sister almost her same age. The rest of the story is how they get into space.

I rate this as only "Okay" because the storyline starts to really slow down halfway thru this. Oh yes and this is only English subtitled no English dub. We will be seeing a lot more of this because (English subtitled only) because studios here in the USA are trying to cut costs especially on Anime that they don't think is going to sell very well (at least that is my opinion from the Anime's that I have seen lately that have no English Dub. On the bright side of this is the fact that at least we can see more Anime here in the USA because studios can afford to do it this way. I myself have no problems with watching Anime in Japanese with English subtitles since I have seen alot with English dubs that don't match up well with the characters (a recent example is 'Familiar of Zero'...see my review of it to see what I mean).

Bottom line... if you can get this at a really good discount than see it!

P.S. also on the last disc of this (this is a 3 disc set) under "Extras" they show 3 minutes of a pilot that was done for a TV version back in 2001...does anyone know what ever became of this?