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Japanese in Mangaland Volume 1 (Marc Bernabe)

Japanese in MangaLand: Learning the Basics is not a typical language course. For anyone interested in the language and the culture of the land of the Rising Sun, this book is an ideal alternative as it offers an entertaining way of learning the basics of Japanese.

Texts found in the popular comics or manga are the starting point for learning written and spoken Japanese. Whether or not you are interested in manga, you can pick up the basics from these clear and concise lessons divided into 30 chapters, with plenty of practical exercises and a mini-guidebook of the 160 essential kanji.

An appendix in the back of the book contains answers to and explanations for the exercises in the chapters, furthering self-study.

The Japanese language portions of this book are written in both the English character script romanji and Japanese character scripts kana (hiragana/katakana) and kanji, allowing students to choose their level of language immersion.

Written by Marc Bernabe.


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