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Noein DVD Box Set (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Ogie Doggie - Apr 30 2008
Rating: "Okay."
Okay if you like Quantum Physics - but slow moving story
They might actually use this Anime in High School science class to try and explain Quantum Physics to everyone someday. Although we have seen this before in Star Trek Next Gen we now see it in this version.

Basically Quantum physics is explained in this one as many possible futures which means Parallel Universes for each possible future - yeah yeah OK we get it.

Good and bad guys coming back into our universe/time to try and get hold of the Dragon Torq (12 year old girl) which they hope will change their screwed up universe/time (that's the story in a nut shell for you).

They use a cheap animation style for the regular characters but switch to CG when the bad guys come in so it looks even more impressive (nothing wrong with that really). Sometimes during the fighting sceens it almost goes into a Manga kinda of art style (really cheap looking). The story would be interesting if it wasn't so darn S L O W and I mean slow.

This box set is going for a very cheap price these days and the cheaper you can get it the better for this one. Worth watching if you can get it real cheap if you know what I mean.

Ron Frechette - Feb 27 2010
Rating: Pretty good!
requiers some thought
Does every episode have an awesome battle scene? No. Is it still compelling story telling? Yes.

I remember this being recommended to me as "an anime version of "Stand by Me" by Summer Mullins at Otakon a few years ago, and when the editor of Anime Insider (then the best magazine covering all things anime) recommends something attention must be paid. It also helped that she gave me the first volume as a thank you for subscribing.

"Anime Stand by Me" is not something I'd have ever picked up myself, but I dropped it in, and it was GREAT! It reminded me of Eva. Not that the plot is remotely similar, but because what keeps you watching is not the big action set pieces, but the characters. Just like Eva it goes for episodes without a ton of flashy battles (but they are there), and it doesn't look like much is happening, but that is precisely when things are their most compelling.

Most Americans, myself included, think of narratives being purely plot driven. This is an example of character driven narrative done very well. As well as "Hamlet?" Probably not, but you don't need to be Shakespeare to be great. Just ask Ben Johnson.

It asks some fascinating questions and goes some interesting places that make you think. I was compelled to get the box set and watch in a single sitting. It made me wish I was back in college so I could argue about it with my philosophy class.

A very solid piece of work. Worth a look. Especially at $20.

Patricia G. Raftery - Jan 4 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
A pleasure to watch, fans of many genres will enjoys this.
Noein is the story of a dying world, a future Earth under attack by the relentless Shangrila. Their only hope for survival lies in the utilization of the Dragon Torque which is in possession of a 12 year old girl, 15 years in the past.

Don't let the quantum physics theme chase you away, this is a great anime. From what I know about quantum physics (and Im not claiming to know a lot), this anime is accurate in the basics without overwhelming the viewer by going too deep in detail. Noein sticks to the multiple realities concept of quantum physics and explains it in an easy-to-understand way so there's no confusion.

Fans of just about every genre will find this series likable. The animation in Noein is impressive, for the most part taking a darker approach to reflect the barely-delayed doom of the future world. There are some pretty sweet action scenes when the two future worlds clash for survival, and even a heart-breaking story of lost-love. And the ending to the series is satisfying, wrapping up pretty much any question you had (I personally dislike when a series leaves too many strings loose).

Overall, Noein is a treat, and worthy of being in any true otaku's collection.

J Green - Mar 24 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Excellent science fiction.
This has something in common with Divergence Eve in that is has a lot of quantum physics in it. The characters are well done and the environs where the story are very accurate to the source material. I especially like the way the show tied up all the loose ends. I loved it.