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Scryed (S-cry-ed) DVD 1 (Hyb): Lost Ground

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Reviews of this title:

ca ca - Sep 12 2003
Rating: Wonderful!
This is definitely a good anime that has a plot and action sequences that are very interesting and fun to watch...for all you "action-only" junkies: If you don't enjoy a plot as well as action then you have 2 choices: either fast foward to the fight scenes and be confused during pivotal moments or just avoid this series altogether. The storyline is pretty cool and the fighting scenes are great. Check this one out definitely!

Jon Marquez - Jul 27 2004
Rating: Pretty good!
Original action
I've only seen the first 5 episodes, so here's my thoughts:

Awesome action, BUT some dumb final attack shouts (hey it's japanimation, you'll get used to it heh)

OMG a story and plot! you dont see that in action stories often! A!

Sound and Graphics: B+ from good to freakin awesome. nuff said

This is For: 17+ people get whooped and perma-PWND!!!!

Dumb stuff: some girl that dreams about what happens with the hero. Why the F#WE$ should i care?! gets annoying.

For the first CD, i give it an A: a darn interesting show. get it, nuff said. -JM