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Tom & Jerry Tales DVD 6 (D)

When Tom and Jerry scrap, chase and collide, they cover quite a bit of geography, witness a lot of history and play silly sports aplenty. Learn how the "Declaration of Independunce" and the first airplane flew into being. Music rules in three melodic misadventures including "Kitty Cat Blues," a furocious Flamenco dance-off and a hip-hoppin' feud between Tom and "DJ Jerry."

This volume runs hot and cold with some roaring lion lunacy in Africa, tail-kicking kangaroo action in the Australian Outback, chilly silliness involving "The Abominable Snowmouse," cockeyed hockey and an all-out snowball war.

Contains the following episodes:
Declaration of Independunce
Kitty Hawked
24 Karat Kat
When the Snowing Gets Tough
The Abominable Snowmouse
Hockey Schtick
Kitty Cat Blues
Flamenco Fiasco
DJ Jerry
You're Lion
Monkey Chow
Babysitting Blues
Catfish Folly
Game of Mouse and Cat

Spoken Languages: English.


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